Welcome to my tech blog.

I work in a large company which has a extremely wide range of services. My role is primarily focused on high level technical implementation covering many different areas. I specialise in networking, and am qualified to CCNA standard, although working to CCNP standard. I also have a vast knowledge of Checkpoint firewalls, Cisco PIX / ASA’s, and Juniper network devices.

My day job covers managing a large farm of webservers running apache http server with apache tomcat serving the application content, connected to a number of large 2+Tb oracle databases. We also have a large farm of VM ESX Servers.

Most of the servers I have to manage are linux based, although I do also manage a number of windows 2003 / 2008 servers.

I come across all sorts of different problems throughout the week, so decided to blog about it.. partly to keep a store to substitute for my poor memory! and partly to help others…

Along with my day job, I also play around with various different technologys in my free time, that is when i’m not surfing.