xrandr / xorg / laptop additional monitor setup (IBM X60)

I have spend too much time trying to configure what should be really simple, laptop running Fedora 10 with a second monitor attached. That part was simple, what wasn’t was getting the 2nd monitor to display a separate screen at a decent resolution.

I spent ages trying to figure out what was up with my xorg.conf file, my resolutions were fine but when I tried to configure xrandr to display my VGA monitor as a monitor that was to be –left-of my LVDS screen (the laptop one) I got errors about the size of my virtual setting.

Fair enough, so I changed my virtual settting to 2304×1024 – my logic being my VGA is 1280 and my LCD was 1024 which = 2304 and everything would still fit in the 1024 height, hence 2304×1024, but when I restarted X the gdm logon page just freezes, the mouse cursor moves, but its like it never finished loading…

After spending more time googling, I didnt really find anything really usefull – but I did notice 1 passing comment that my virtual might need to be square (no idea why) so I tried that, set my virtual display to 2304 x 2304. BINGO

Everything kicked into life and I now have a nice dual monitor (well laptop / vga) setup.

Took significantly longer to get working than it should tho…

In my research on this, I found a nice little gui called zarfy – check it out… allows you to control your screens nice and easily, you still need to have your config correct, but it makes positioning etc.. much simpler than the config file / command line for once..

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