MailScanner 4.77 process defunct and looping.

I upgraded my MailScanner the other day to version 4.77, and happily noticed that I was getting much less spam – infact much less mail completely… infact I wasn’t getting any.. 🙁

I checked my box over and noticed that the MailScanner process was listed as defunct, and tailing messages showed the following:

MailScanner: waiting for children to die: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 2 with signal 0

After going through my logs and settings to make sure I hadn’t got a new setting mixed up, I started googling..

Didnt really turn up much, except a few people talking about perl packages…

Given I didnt want to spend much / any time on this, I thought i’d try updating all my perl packages – I’m running Fedora 9.

So did a quick yum update perl*

Which updated about 136 packages but only 25Mb.

Restarted MailScanner and its all fixed 🙂

No idea which particular packages was causing the problem, although i’m sure it wouldnt be too hard to find out, but as Mail is flowing and i’m more upto date, i’m happy.

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