File and printer sharing in Windows 7 inc admin c$ share.

I installed Windows 7 on my main laptop on saturday after trialling it on a workstation for a week or so. The workstation I used for the trial is a standalone box, not on a domain etc. So when I put Windows 7 on my domain laptop, I had a few small issues.

The biggest irritation was that by default, I couldnt access the c$ share. I use this to m0unt my Windows volume from my linux box to share files between the two.

I may not have been thinking straight, it but it took me far longer to get this working than it really should have, hence I decided to post it here, in case anyone else has this problem.

Obviously you need to ensure you have the correct firewall settings to allow file shares, either switch the firewall off if you are in a trusted environment / network, or configure the file sharing ports to the host you want to gain access from.

The other bit which caught me out was that for some reason, although actually probably good from a security point of view, its just that im not used to Microsoft being slightly secure out the box, was that File and Printer sharing was not checked in the network adapter properties. For those that dont know, you need to go into the Network and Sharing Center, click change adapter settings, right click your current network adapter and choose properties, and then check the box for File and Printer Sharing.

Its also worth noting (and this may be due to IBM’s connection location tools) but on reboot, it came back off again for me.

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